vision & mission


All of us in Press Metal Aluminium Rods Sdn. Bhd. work together as a united team towards achieving our shared vision of being a globally recognized brand for aluminium and alloy rods.


Our mission at Press Metal Aluminium Rods Sdn. Bhd. is to produce high quality aluminium rods that exceed customer’s satisfaction. We strive for continuous growth by maintaining a diversified portfolio of products.



PMAR is committed to provide a quality product of aluminium rods, aluminium alloy rods and solid shape conductors while protecting the environment.

At PMAR, we shall strive towards;

  • Compliance with all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulation
  • Operating the business in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Provide safe and healthy work place
  • Prevent pollution towards the environment
  • Purchase environmental friendly materials where applicable and available
  • Use of raw materials in a manner that reduces waste by practicing the principles of 3R’s
    • REDUCING waste when possible and REDUCING energy usage by increased energy efficiency
    • REUSING material whenever possible
    • RECYCLING material whenever possible in order to conserve energy and other natural resources
  • Raising the awareness of employees on the environmental concerns through continuous and adequate promotion to inculcate involvement in preservation activities
  • Continuous improvement through implementing, monitoring and reviewing the environmental management programs and to enhance their performance in conjunction with an effective Environmental Management System

We are fully committed to continual improvement to enhance our environmental performance, through constant review, in order to provide an effectively controlled environmental management system.



At Press Metal Aluminium Rods Sdn Bhd, we are committed:

To produce high quality of aluminium rods, aluminium alloy rods and solid shaped conductors and

To sustain and enhance the satisfaction level of all interested parties and to consistently exceed their expectation by:

1)         Providing “Total Customer Satisfaction”

2)         Delivering consistent and reliable quality products on time.

3)         Meeting the requirements of stakeholders.

4)         Improve cost effectiveness and increasing profitability.

5)         Developing employee motivation and skills through training, team work and resources management.

6)         Ensuring effective implementation and continual improvement of “Quality Management System”.

7)         Ensuring compliance to all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

This Policy shall form the basis of establishing our Quality Objectives at all levels, and by its’ implementation, we are committed to carry out our business in a professional manner.



At Press Metal Aluminium Rods Sdn Bhd, we pledge to: 

  • Provide and maintain a Safe and Healthy work environment.
  • Comply to all related governing Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) legislations.
  • Prevent industrial accident by establishing and continually improving the OSH control measures and practices.
  • Establish and continually improve Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS).
  • Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks.
  • Commitment to consultation and participation of workers.

And with the belief that SAFETY and HEALTH shall be the greatest concerns of the beholder;

The EMPLOYEE pledges to: 

  • Conduct Safe work practices and Good personal Hygiene at work place.
  • Comply to all procedures and committed OSH legislations.
  • Effectively implementing all allocated PPE in accordance to the requirements.
  • Effectively implementing Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OSHMS). 

Awareness on the impacts of this policy at all level of employees towards their activities and responsibilities to the OSHMS shall be achieved through providing adequate and continuous training.