thermal resistant aluminium alloy


Our Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy is predominantly used for the manufacturing of Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy Conductors Steel Reinforced (TACSR) overhead transmission lines. TACSR are great for applications that require continuous operations above 150°C, which literally translates to a higher current capacity. A distinct characteristic of the Zirconium-doped aluminium alloy is its ability to maintain electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, thus making it an ideal cost-effective solution in refurbishing existing overhead lines with enhanced capacity.

A detailed specification of our Thermal Resistant Aluminium Alloy is as follows:

Chemical Composition
Element Composition (%)
Silicon Max. 0.10
Iron Max. 0.40
Copper Max. 0.05
Manganese Max. 0.01
Chromium Max. 0.01
Zinc Max. 0.05
Boron Max. 0.05
Zirconium Max. 0.01 - 0.10
Gallium Max. 0.03
Vanadium & Titanium. total Max. 0.02
Other Elements, each Max. 0.03
Other Elements, total Max. 0.10
Aluminium Min. 99.5
Grade 60TAL AT1
Temper Designation AT1
Diameter 9.5mm
Product Specification
mechanical and electrical properties
Designation Tensile
at 20°C
Volume Resistivity
at 20°C
MPa %IACS Ohm.mm2/m
60TAL AT1 103 - 142 60.00 0.028498
application and advantages
Type Application Advantages


Widely used for further fabrication into the conductor of TACSR for overhead transmission line.

ConductivityHigh current carrying capacity with the conductivity at 60.0 %IACS

Stable at Elevated Temperatures60 TAL are characterized by their permissible work temperature up to 150°C.

Good Mechanical PropertiesBest suited for enhancing the existing line capacity where additional power corridors are not feasible.